Tuesday, January 3

New Years Resolutions! for the grim dark future.

Happy New Year!!!

If your like me you think its just another day, but some people believe in making resolutions so I'm gonna jump on the wagon and see what all the hype is about.

We all know time spirals downward at a nonstop pace and getting things done is always a goal but in the world of table top gaming its kind of different. At least for me.

I can work on one project for a week and leave it only to come back in a year pick right back up like it was yesterday. I can play a codex for months then forget it and do the same thing.

Its like there is no real expiration date in 40K. The game, painting, planning and building just never stops. New ideas pop up, new FAQ's get released (Necrons please!), new rules...It just goes on and on and on.

However its important to stay focused if I ever want to call a project done so this year I'm making a list with the hope that I can stay on track. Lets get to it shall we.

Here it is, my less than 40 resolutions for 40K!

(I wanted to do 40 but one of my resolutions is to not try and over do everything!)

1. Paint my GK's. I painted an army for my friend last year, now mine sit in their blank plastic shells.

2. Start a terrain factory. This is going to be a HUGE fun project that I hope lost of people can enjoy.

3. Play at some different LFGS's. I am stuck going to my favorite store and I think I need to spend some time getting to know the other stores and local gamers again.

4. Put more content on the Inferno! This includes, but not limited to, video bat reps, lists, new tourny ideas and painting/modeling articles.


6. Finish my Space Marines. Sorry guys, I just got involved in more interesting things. I will be back.

7. Continue to make it my personal rule to only play with painted figs in public.

8. Clean up and organize my work station. You should see this place right now, I don't know how anything gets done.

9. Use the air brush I wanted so bad last year.

10. Kick Dukes ass (at 40K) when we get to meet for the first time at Feast this year.

OK, that's it. 10 things I need to do to stay on track and call some things done this year.

So how about it Internet, do you want to go on record with any plans?

Oh, and happy new year all! May all your dice be 6's unless your making a LD/PSY test, or playing me!

Have a great year on the table top everyone,



  1. Happy new year Swags. My gaming new years resolution? Finish painting all my miniatures before buying new ones. The onky exception im allowing myself are parts i need to finish magnetized units or if i need a unit for a tourney. Although the new vampire count models are seriously going to test my resolve.

    Also your resolution to clean up your paint station is a good one and i think i will add that one to my resolutions too.

  2. Good plan Warlock, best of luck in the new year.

    Duke, did you notice #10? Its time to defend your title.

    Title of what I dont know but im calling you out. :)He he!

  3. I think the title you are referring to is: 1,325th most interesting man in the world.

    It could also be my "worlds best husband," but they hand those out for everything these days.

    Either way, it's on like donkey kong!