Tuesday, January 31

Conversion: Grav-Razorback (for Custodes)

As many of you know I am building a Custodes themed army for my latest project.  This is something that I have wanted to do for years and years.  One of the main things that had to be included in this army was Grav-Razorbacks.  Well, I have made my first few (with some small additions still to come) let's stroll on over and check it out, shall we?

Step 1: Since this is a Grav-Razorback we had to take all the wheels off.  This was a simple enough process, and doesn't require much explination.

Stage 2: Take off the exhaust pipes on the sides.  I did this for two reasons: One, on the picture there aren't any exhaust vents on the sides.  Two, once I put the flattened plasitcard on the sides it would give me a large pallet to paint freehand on.  I was sad that I didn't have any area to free-hand on this tank because of the torrent on top and this was the solution.

Stage 3: Plasticard stuff.  At this stage I put plasticard over the parts I cut up.  I got the shapes right by tracing them on paper and then cutting out a piece of paper as a template.  I then laid the paper template on the plasticard and scoured the plasticard with a razor and then broke it off cleanly. I then did the same for the sides where the exhausts were cut off and the areas of track that were cut off.  As a side note, to glue plasticard that is bending (like on the tracked areas) into place use an accelerant! it makes things much easier for yourself. After it was dry I went in and cleaned up the overhanging parts with my razor.

The treads were also covered in plait card.
This was me seeing which variation I liked
better on the front... If you don't recognize
the part it is from theGW buildings.

Stage 4: The add-ons.  Once all the plasticard had bee done I went through my bits box and found the items that would help me in my quest of building this tank.

Bits list:
Green stuff
2 - Eagle Flying buttresses from GW buildings
2 GW building pipes (for the front thrusters)
2 GW Building spotlights (for rear thrusters)
2 Tank hatches to mount the spotlights in (for rear thrusters)
1 GW Building Ladder
4 Sanguinary guard jet packs
To get the bottom wing to flare out I rolled
out some green stuff and placed it under
the wing to support it.
The Back packs are some of the more
"obvious," conversion parts.  Physics
demanded jets in the front and back! PS- I later
Cut down the back packs and filled in w/ GS
so they fit on the hull better.

Stage 5: Touch up and base coat.  After smoothing out the green stuff and making sure things were filed down and holes drilled in the Heavy Bolters I took these bad boys to the garage to spray paint. I feel that after the spray paint went on the model it started to have a more 'cohesive,' look.  While I am sure that it isn't perfect and there were probably some ways I could have made it better (I'll go back in later to do those detail things) I am very happy with how this thing turned out.  I have four of these bad boys to build and once I do I will almost be done with building my Custodes army, then it moves to painting... Which will be more fun!

What are your thoughts? is this a botch job of crappy bits?  Is it a decent conversion? Am I a conversion deity? I would love to hear your thoughts and such.



  1. very nice. a really good translation of the image!!

    i also used that image as my inspiration, but since i am building a more normal marine chapter i designed my own anti-grav rhinos from scratch. you may have already seen them but take a look here:

    since those photos i have added the thrusters from a Stormraven kit at the back of each.

    1. oh, and thanks, i take your point about the physics. i think i'll add some small side thrusters to mine!

  2. Looks great!

    I realy like the jump packs on the front, could the ones on the rear have come down to match the angle like the front?

    other than that I dont think you can argue that they match the art about as good as you can get.

    Cant wait to see the paint go on these guys, keep up the good work!

  3. I ended up fixing the jump packs later... They look a lot better now


  4. I, for one, love your grav-Razorbacks - they do more than justice to the Horus Heresy illustrations. Makes me want to bash one together just for fun!

  5. Awesome, Im glad to hear you guys like it... When you do something this out of the ordinary it can have a tendency to flop in your face, lol. There are still a few things I want to do to finalize the models but all in all Im happy with them.


  6. Those look great! Good job on those! My next project is building a Custodes army. How much do you charge for these?! LoL