Friday, January 6

CUSTODES update.

During the multiple long weekends that were Christmas and New Years I actually got a lot done! The following is the progress I made over the break on my Custodes (Counts as GK).

Most of these pictures are WIP as of the time I took them.  I have made some more progress on most of the models.  Right now I'm focusing on the Paladin (Custodes Terminators) squad and getting them fully painted since they are the central focus of the army.

List wise I have made some changes too.  I'll post those later
Model list:
Contemptor dreads: Forgeworld
Sanguinius: HI tech miniatures
Custodes: Scibor miniatures

Contemptor Dread 1.  I later painted in Heraldry onto the red areas.

Contemptor Dread 2. Added heraldry later.

Sanguinius (WIP)

Saguinius Shoulder Detail (WIP)

Custodes Terminators aka Paladins (WIP)

Custodes from the back (WIP)

One of my Favorite Custodes (WIP)
Secret #1 to a productive painting weekend: A Great View! (Vail, CO)

Secret #2 to a productive painting weekend: A Great Wine!


  1. I would suggest a final wash of devlan mud, just like the pic you provided.

  2. Where are you suggesting a final wash? In the gold?

  3. The shoulder detail is really great on Sanguinis!! What are you using for the gold?