Monday, January 23

List of the Week: Dark Eldar 2000 pts

Hey folks of the internet.  It's Monday and that means it is time for the list of the week! Today were coming at you from the dark city of Commorragh.  This list was used in the 2012 Feast of Blades.  Without further ado, lets look over the list and see what we think.


Trueborn (4):  4 blasters, Venom w/ Splintercannon
Trueborn (4): 4 blasters, Venom w/ Splintercannon
Incubi (5): Raider w/ Sails

Helions (10): Agonizer, heliarch
Kabal Warriors (9): Splinter cannon,  Blaster, Raider
Kabal Warriors (9): Splinter cannon,  Blaster, Raider
Wyches (10): 2x Hydra gauntlets, Hekatrix, Agonizer, Raider

Heavy Support
Ravager: Flicker fileds
Ravager: Flicker fields
Razrowing Jet Fighter: Flicker fields


I am assuming that the baron goes with the Helions and that Vect goes with the incubi.  from a vehicle standpoint this list has 2 Venoms, 4 Raiders, 2 Ravagers and a jet. All said it is 9 vehicle chassis.  This may be good for a normal mech list, it is a little dangerous of not being 'enough,' for a DE list.  Don't get me wrong, I like this list for many reasons, but if I were playing against anything with decent firepower my paper sail-boats are going to need a lot of protection and cover.  That said, every DE player already knows that cover is their best friend.  The power in this list comes from everyones favorite DE unit: The Baron and his Helions, I have a few friends who run this unit and it can be very mean if you aren't paying attention. Not only that, but it looks great on the table!

How I might play this list:  Now take into account I'm not a Dark Eldar player (no do I pretend to be) but here is what I have seen happen, and as such I would copy.

1. On the roll off I would choose to go second, this sounds like a bad idea with how fragile my army is, but remember that Vect steals the Initiative on a 4+.  It is risky, but if I win it the whole game will change (especially if my opponent forgets this and deploys too offensively).

2. The Helions deploy in the most forward piece of cover in my deployment zone, remember that they have stealth so a lot of the time they will be rolling a 4+ cover save, the unit is too big to be out of LOS so cover is your friend here.  If I steal the initiative with Vect this unit goes screaming towards the enemy lines.

3. Consider reserves:  I might place one of the warrior squads in reserve for some late game shenanigans... It would depend on the opponent and their firepower though.

4. Wyches deploy and hunt the deathstar with Incubi.  Vect +Incubi +wyches can actually take on most deathstars, granted they won't be feeling good afterwards, but it is your best hope against Thundercav and Paladins.  Failing the presence of a death star I would just deploy per the mission goals.

The rest is self explanatory... All in all this is a great list and could really have some decent hitting power, I considered suggesting the drop of Vect, but Im not sure what I would put the points into... Maybe a regular Archon and a Homec if I could afford it? Who knows...

What are your thoughts on this list? Let's hear it!




  1. A lot of critical information is missing from this list. How many Hellions? How many warriors?

    Frankly, this list looks awful. Seriously?... Hydra Gauntlets? Splinter cannon warriors?

    Also, there is no way that Vect and Incubi are going to deal with Paladins/Thundercav, even with help from the Wyches. Especially not when the Wyches don't have Shardnets.

    Only 2 Venoms? The only thing positive I can say about this list is that the True borne units look good.

  2. Good point on the wyches without shardnets, even though I typed otherwise I assumed they had them... I have had Incubi and wyches tie up my Paladins before, good placement and a well timed shoot/charge with the rest of the army can handle big units like that. It isn't a fool proof solution, but it is the best hope in CC that this army has.

  3. incubi are terrible for dealing with terminators and other units with an invulnerable save as they dont have one so just get slapped when something hits them back.
    splinter cannon warriors are fine though kinda expencive. trueborn venoms standard and we alll know why.
    wyches i love shardnets would never not take them.
    Definitely a bit vehicle light.
    tbh it looks alot like my 1500 list for the old codex :O with cc to tarpit the things i cant shoot.

    well its not missing information really there are 10 warriors in both squads and the same amount of wyches only thing really missing is number of helions but id run baron in a squad of 15.

  4. Went back in and fixed the numbers on the squads... I was surprised to see only 10 helions.