Wednesday, February 1

Feast of Blades: Staff meeting today

Tonight we are having a big staff meeting for Feast of Blades 2012.  As always I like to get input from the player base to make sure that we are always trying to make the event something that you are excited to attend.

Today's main topics:

- Terrain and the scheduling of terrain building days
- Job descriptions and the hunt for volunteers
- Overview of Feast of Blades 2012
- Hotel discussion

If you have any suggestions please post in the comments area.  If your idea is particularly long send an email to Feastofblades (at) gmail (dot) com.

I am always open to implementing ideas from players so speak up and let us hear your thoughts!



  1. Striper rules judges!

    If im gonna take some crap call about mind strikes on my GK it should come from a babe in a tiny outfit.

    That is all.

  2. Strippers are expensive. It will come from Duke in a tiny outfit.

  3. with the number of people coming from out of town. We should try to have a way to set up roommates for people to cut down on hotel costs.

    1. Blake, I am Talking to my customer sErvice guy right now about that. Great idea!