Monday, April 2

Real Time Painting Log 3

And so it goes...

Day 3 = 1 hour
Spent an hour messing with doors and weapons. Time to slow it down, The Essential Waylon Jennings.

Day 4 = 2 ½ hours
Used the same foam core sticks and more double sided tape to primer and paint all my bases at the same time. Did a 3 color dry brush and red ink detail.

Day 4 = 2 hours
Cranked out the red on all the infantry shoulder pads. Blasted the truth from Blackalicious, Blazing arrow and Nia.

Day 5 = 3hours

Continued with red on the ranged weapons of the infantry. And started my day with M.I.A., Arular. 45 minutes. Got interrupted, moved an orange tree, then did 1:45 on the rest of the ranged weapons done with some help from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Add in 40 min to black out the vent heads on the power armor backpacks.

Day 6 = 10 hours
Started off my morning with the Alligator Records 20th anniversary collection, some espresso coffee and blacking out sections of the ranged weapons. Moved on to Tom Waits, Orphans 3 album collection on shuffle and blacked out elbow pads. Did all the bolt gun on the ranged weapons. Found some back packs I missed and did some small brush black touch up. Started with bleached bone and red on the terminators and hq’s.



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