Wednesday, April 18

finding me at Adepticon

The past few times I have gone to large events I am always on the lookout for old friends, but the best is when I meet new ones.  Sometimes though I don't realize I have been talking to someone who's blog I love or who's painting I admire.  So, to get rid of some of the anonymity of the internet (it is a growing trend LINK, lol) I'm posting up a pic of my ugly mug so you'll recognize me.  Ill be playing in the team tourney but other than that you can catch me at the Spikey Bitz booth selling my mega-awesome-GAMER- clothing-line "Imperial Attire,"

Edit: My real name is Chandler but I still answer to "Duke," since it was my nickname through college. Either way...

Come say HEY!



  1. What is your name dude? :D

    I think it's chandler? Beer makes me forget stuff.

  2. You got it! I went back and edited the post just to make sure. I 100% understand the beer thing, even worse is it makes me remember stuff I don't want to and forget things I want to remember! lol


  3. wear your fez like the rest of us.

  4. If you wear that ugly UT Fez Chandler..don't come back..just change your ticket to somewhere in Texas. We'll help your wife pack-up and stuff. :)