Tuesday, April 10

Real Time Painting Log 9

Test fig up!!!

Blue is a simple 3 step blue/powder blue/white.


  1. I went back and read all of the posts..couple questions. Is the objective just to paint them to a tabletop standard? You have some sort of paint score in mind? I'm not trolling, but how long it takes depends on how high a standard, your skills, etc. I want to know what your expectations are before I comment on the work.

  2. HA, I just want these F-ers done for the most part.

    I will have 12 to 18 colors on each infantry fig when they are done. And I guess I didnt state my expectations at the start, basicly im looking to pound these out like a high school prom date. While keeping an above average level.

    Also I want to strike shame into the hearts of all the people out there who are still playing their 3rd ed Sisters in bare metal. (You know who you are)

    And what the hell, I have never put a clock to my work so its interesting to me to see how it plays out.

    Its ok to troll me, I dont mind. I would just ask that you hold final judgement till Im done. I can say that I might not take top paint at a national level but they will score well fo sho. And localy there is a good chance I will take the painting prize if there is one.

    Lets face it, if I can claim 80-90% of my paint score, 100% of my sports, the Knights should claim the bat points to put me in the running of almost any tourny I might play in, im good with that.

  3. Fair enough and now I think I have a clear understanding of your goals.
    Good luck on instilling shame on people who never paint their models..lol. They personally drive me crazy, but usually have some comment like 'I don't care about painting and only like the game-play itself' and 'Everyone thinks I'm a great guy to play against, regardless of the unpainted models'. I just refuse to play these people anymore, I can find plenty of people to play who actually respect the game and their opponents enough to put some effort into presentable models.

    Anyway, can't wait to see them done. If it's your FoB army then I'll get to see them in person I believe.