Wednesday, April 4

40k hobby: Casting with Greenstuff

 Alright peeps, today I want to go over a nice way to cast with greenstuff, legos and casting gel.  Let's jump right in, shall we?

Just a note of thanks, my bud James "the 40k junkie," showed me this cool little trick and I like it so much I thought to bring it to you.

Step 1: Get some nice lego blocks and build them up like this.  It is nice to have a base, but you don't NEED one.  Sure, you can build this out of whatever, but I have two boys so Legos are everywhere.

Step 2: Build a house for the mold to sit in.  I put a clear wall so I could see the GS filling the area.  But it doesn't work that well, lol.. It looks cool though so I'll keep it.

Step3: While the mold is still soft press the original into the mold and let it sit till it hardens.  Be careful not to let the mold fully encase the original.  If it does you will have to cut out the piece.
Step 4: Once the mold is done you can get a nice glob of Greenstuff and put it into the mold, then take your lego tower and pack it in nice and hard. I put a piece of paper between the legos and GS or it will stick to the legos.
Step 5: Done!  One of these is the original, one is the cast... Not bad



  1. What lego kit did you buy? I want to get one like that!

  2. OK, im gonna beat you up a bit here.

    First lets get some info, what is the brand name of this casting gel? How long does it take to set up? Do you think you used a bit much for the depth of the part your casting? I only ask due to the fact that I also dont know the cost of the product.

    Second, where is the pic of the part going in the mold? You say not to let it encase but im not sure how to get it level and even pushing it down from the top, as it seems to be done. How much time do I have to work with before the mold set up too hard to press a part into? How long do I have to wait once its in there to demold?

    Third, couldnt I make a smaller container for the mold that would be flush to the top, then use my hands or a tool to fill in the green stuff? I ask because it seems like a person could use too much or less than and cant tell till they pull the plunger out.

    Also is the gel liquid to the point that I could pour it over the part?

    And finaly, you know im just busting your hump here right??? :) And how do you still have 40K friends to give you ideas like this? I thought you played GK, you shouldnt have any friends left.

  3. @styx: I don't know, my sons just have a ton of Legos sitting around.

    @swags: D!CK

  4. My work here is done :) Ha ha ha!!!

  5. Heh! Serious tell us about the casting gel/resin you used. I was thinking of buying some of that stuff that Cool Mini sells that you put in hot water, mold and it is solid until you warm it again to make something else. That way I can reuse the box and the materials with no waste.

  6. Yeah, that's the stuff. Its either called Oyumaru (which I use) or Instant Mold. If you're in the UK Maplins sell Instant Mold. We've just pressed it onto a ceramic tile and cut and filed off any excess. You can put some Grey Stuff in with the green stuff if you want it to be harder and more brittle.

  7. Thanks for the article Duke. Makes me want to go pick up my old legos from my parents house so I can recast some of the more fiddly green stuff parts I've made. Hirst arts has some great instructions on mold making on their site. Another alternative for quick and easy mold making would be Instant Mold. It runs about 10 dollars and is reusable.

  8. I did us instant mold... You can get it from cool mini and it works great for things like this.