Thursday, April 26

Just when you think you can paint: Best appearance at Adepticon (post fixed)

So, you think you can paint?  That's cute!  I used to think I was a good painter and that I had a chance (however slim) of one day winning a best appearance award at a major event... Then I saw this 

*pictures borrowed from Apocalypse 40k blog

Almost every single one of Jim Wappel's models is of Golden Daemon quality!  look on for some truly amazing painting.  It has given me a lot of ideas (and inspiration) for my own stuff.
The details like the double headed eagle just make this army amazing!

Stop for a minute and bask in the glory of this model

Look at the level of detail just into the base of this model, that is more effort than a lot of us put in our HQ's!

Green stuff cloak?  Sure, why not!

details, details, details... Look at the blending on the clothing of the model at left, that is great feathering/ wet blending!

Move the models, I want to see that super sexy display board!!! lol

I personally love, love, love this vehicle and it has been the crux of my inspiration to take my own vehicles up 'a notch,'
the charring on the weapon is great, but look at the NMM effects on the gold.

my only source of wishing comes from the power weapons, they are a 9.9 but I feel like they didn't have the level of
detail the rest of the army does... Still better than anything I have seen in a while though!

I love the horizon effects on the storm bolter/ psycannon, simply beautiful!!!

NMM, in your face! look at the horizon effects on the left greave, epic job!

This is simply amazing and again makes me want to put more love into my vehicles...

Just when I thought I was done too... No rest for the wicked.

Jim, if you're reading your stuff is simply gorgeous!  Great work and I hope to see more of this at future events (Feast of Blades???)



  1. Does anyone else think that some of those models are a little bit too busy? I mean that Dread in particular seems almost overwhelmed.

    1. Yeah, I don't know what it is...but the more I see these the less I like them. They are an amazing display of skill, can't take anything away there. I just don't like the style. Too bright and too 'cartoon' for me. I think of 40k in dark terms..John Blanche..this is just too much the other direction.

  2. Ah the incredible work of James Wappel! Check out his blog and weep. He rarely if ever uses metallics.


  3. Thanks for the article! Much appreciated :-) Now it is time to complete the Dark Eldar army that was originally supposed to be my tournament army for this year. It is a heck of a project, and requires some all new sculpting and painting techniques...