Wednesday, April 11

Feast of Blades Costume Contest

(copied from We love Wargames!  We also love halloween!!!  This year we are scheduled on one of the weekends that surrounds Halloween.  Well, what a great way to be able to enjoy two things we love... Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Costume contest anyone?  

The Rules:
- Come dressed as your favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy Character.  
- No actual weapons
- No nudity
- Acting in character is encouraged!
- Costumes can be bought or made...
- Costume with the most votes will win a VERY COOL PRIZE!

The Competitions:
- Best overall costume
- Most funny costume
- Youngbloods best overall
- Best group Costume (assuming enough groups enter)

So, get your armies ready but get your costumes ready too! We will see you (And your alter ego) In October!!!

Feast of Blades Staff.

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