Friday, April 13

Latest freehand and Adepticon prep latest.

Painting... blah blah blah... Writing lists.... blah blah blah... Re-painting the stuff I already painted... blah blah blah... Re-writing my lists...blah blah blah... Oh! Eat, sleep, drink... It must be tournament season!

Well, as I said earlier, I'm doing the final touches on my Custodes models and army for Adepticon.  I finished one Grav-Razorback last night and got the other one out (that I thought I was done with) for re-working.  I also just finished my list and found out that I need to make 2 more servo skulls too... No big deal there, just one more thing to do.

Ok, stop whining, nobody on the internet cares about whining (unless they are doing it, lol).

Well, here is my 1000 pt list (Which will probably be re-done) for the team tourney.

- 8 Paladins
  - 2 MC psycannons
  - Bro banner
  - Warding Stave
  - 2 hammers (one M.C.)
  - Misc M.C. weapons to diversify
- Libby
 - Almost every power known to man (I needed to blow points and not cause more painting!)
- Techmarine
 - Grenade belt of awesome (Blind/ Rad/ Psychotroke)
- Psiflement dread

That is it, 1000 points! I don't know that it is what I would have taken if I had a lot of time to prep, but I'm happy enough with it.

Well, what is a blog post without averagely taken pictures... Here is my finished razorback (is it ever really finished?)



  1. Couple questions. Is the objective just to paint them to a tabletop standard? You have some sort of paint score in mind? I'm not trolling, but how long it takes depends on how high a standard, your skills, etc. I want to know what your expectations are before I comment on the work.


    1. I see what you did there...btw..I'm suing you for plagiarism, but I need your address.

    2. Thats how a real troll does it. LOL!

  2. Looks amazing!!! I will give you a call later today to talk about some of the lists.

  3. If you are looking to blow points maybe psybolt on termies? Strength 5 never hurts unless you are on the receiving end

  4. Ammo could be a great option and doesn't require model changes... Hmmm, I'll run the points


  5. How the hell did we not go over Ammo in your list? I have failed you my friend.

  6. It looks excellent. Is it meant to represent the Emperor as "lady" justice?

  7. Exactly! I'm glad someone got it!!!