Monday, April 16

How to: Building a gaming table (part 2)

Hello all, its time to go back to the land of Chaos and see whats going on.

This time I'm going to be looking at some of the terrain. As I knew I wanted to glue like 75% of it down, the placement, shape, size and type was going to be critical. I did stress a bit in the beginning trying to make my vision fit the reality, but once I started to mock it up things did fall into place.

Lets start with a section I like to call "The Dragons Spine".

Here we see a top view of the area. This is one of my favorite places on the board and I will tell you why. It is a simple basic design that incorporates multiple terrain rules. First, it has large spines of rock that are impassable, but also has open ground that can be moved through with ease. Second, it is completely open for shooting from some angles while others are blocked 100%.

Third, this if going to be the scene of a nasty Chaos ritual in the near future.

Above we see the Razor looking at a nice open fire lane into the forest.

To the Razors right, advancing up the road, is an enemy Broadside.

However, from the Broadsides line of site, the area is free from any threats.
This piece of terrain is always a fun factor in all games and works well for missions and army's.
If your good at placing objectives, this can be a good place for one.

Next up, "The Lava Pit & Bridge".

Here we have a top view of another section of the board that brings multi terrain rules. As I stated before, the black painted parts of foam are chunk cut to be difficult to move across. Keeping that in mind, add in the dangerous lava and open road , what you are left with is a fun yet complex area that is great for defending, but getting there might be half the battle.

The angle view shows the Razor crossing the bridge with ease. The road movement rules allow for a normal tank to get quick position here from reserve.

OK, that's all for now. I must return to the warp for some made up reason, see you next time.


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