Tuesday, April 24

Chaos Wasteland Game Table Part 3 More Terrain

Welcome back followers of Chaos. Swags here in another update from the realm of pain and suffering that is the Chaos Wastelands.

Continuing on with the terrain discussion I'm going to start with the "Frozen Forest" today.

My general idea for the board was to have the terrain show a section of the planet that moved from natural obstacles to an urban environment. As such I needed some forest pieces on the far side of the board. Using existing terrain I had laying around I selected the position and used a chop saw to cut off any over hang.

Above we see a favorite section for out flankers and infiltrator's alike. This bunker is protected on all sides...except from other out flankers! Look out!!!

Of course, I based all my dead trees on washers and glued magnets to the actual terrain for easy movement during the game and easy storage.

Next up we move over to the urban side and look at the "Pump House".

This is a small ruin next to the main road. It cant be seen in this pic but the bottom is solid wall offering protection while the top floor gives good line of site for fire across the board.

Here we have the "Pump House" and his big brother the "Gateway Building".

The "Gateway Building" is the path to the inner city.

It is by far the largest terrain piece on the board and with the crows nest included it is also the highest place in the land. This makes it a favorite of Tech Marines and heavy weapons teams from all races.

The fortified entry way and end cap bunker combine well with this ruin to make it the ideal place to defend, should you be lucky enough to take it early.

Well things are coming together here quickly, see you soon for the next update.

Back to the warp!!



  1. Good stuff! Enjoying this, making me want to finish my Chaos table!

  2. I love a good, themed battle table... I only wish it wasn't so cost prohibitive to do it on every table at feast of blades... Oh well.