Friday, March 2

For the Fun of it! Lego Edition

Serious now, I was a Lego maniac as a kid and I'm so glad to see my favorite building blocks still going strong years later. Lets check out some lego 40k!

What can you really say about a building toy that has inspired entire generations? How about just thanks! I wouldn't be the builder I am in 40K without the years of basic practice I got out of Lego's as a kid.

If you look you can probably find anything you want made out of Lego, and the world of 40K is no exception. And yes I know I don't have to tell you that, this is nothing new but dang its still cool.

Do you think the makers of Lego ever thought of servo skulls?

Bring on the tanks! It begs to question, what model costs more these days the GW one or the Lego one?

And how about the the little things we can thank Lego for like teaching us how to read building instructions. Imagine if you never had any experience with Lego's and the first thing you ever tried to build was a Ghost Ark.

Flying robots, yea we got that!

After all that work you would think they could find a legal sized base, I mean come on man!

Like scooting around the battle field in a style, try out one of these mobile weapons of mass destruction. I bet your opponent will even let you use home brew special repair rules, calling Lego techmarine...

For real, what Lego post would be complete without a Titan parade, I do love a parade!

OK, that one sucks, NEXT!

Now were talking.

Winner, we have a winner!!! I'll take 3 please.

Oh Lego, is there anything you cant do?

- Swags


  1. Some people have way too much free time!

  2. That last one is nice, quite amazing