Thursday, March 29

Real Time Painting Log 1

How long does it take to paint an army? I have been ask this so often when someone finds out about this thing we do. I then give some smart answer like, How long is a piece of string?

But at some point it might be good to know, so Im doing a real time paint log and were going to find out.

No time for talk, only time for paint!!! Lets go!!!!

Real Time Painting Log Gray Knights Part 1

Day 1 = 1 hour.
Monday March 19, started with primer on the infantry models. Spent an hour laying down the black, used strips of foam core with double sided tape to stand everybody up and get an even coat.

Day 2 = 9 ½ hours

Tuesday morning, continue spraying primer from 8 am to 10am. Used almost 3 cans of spray, this army is bigger than I thought! Time for an early lunch break. Started my musical adventure with the White Zombie collection on shuffle

Bent open some lock washers and stuck them to a tape strip to hold magnetized parts.

10:30 to 11, touch up infantry primer and start setting up the compressor and air brush.

This is just the starter to the project, things are gonna take off fast.

Check back soon!



  1. Wow! Your a painting machine! I have to buy some more primer tonight. I am working on finishing 2k of Space Wolves by next month.

  2. Putting it up in on the net this way is a serious fire under my back side to get it done.

    This one is around 65 infantry and 9 vehicles.
    Just that is around 140 different parts.
    Add in like 90 bases and im at a total of something like 230 different bits and figs.

  3. Looks stellar expect that one guy