Tuesday, March 6


I know that this month is Wolves month, but today I wanted to get a post out that I have been sitting on for a while, and then we can move on to some good-ol wolves.  Anyhow, If you have been reading for a while, you will know that I am working on my Custodes army (counts as GK) for the upcoming tournament season.  Lets jump on down and see how the main unit of paladins and my small interceptor unit is coming together as of now.

I went over the gold recipe in a post a while back (Look in the archives for Custodes).  Here is a pic for your viewing pleasure.

Once I had the main unit put together I had to get my Coteaz up and painted.  I have the actual model, but I thought that it would be more fluffy (I know, I said "fluffy,") to have none other than Malcador the sigilite leading this unit.  His "blue," has almost 20 layers of blue.  Most of the layers you can't see because of the 'feathering,' technique I used, while other layers you can see clearly because I am not 100% proficient at feathering yet. All in all I really like how he came out, I am currently working on taking the candle out of his right hand and replacing it with a cyber-eagle... He is made out of an empire Battle Wizard. his hood is 100% GS as is the flames.

This is the detail of the base.  I bought the bases from Micro art studios.  I really liked the fall leaves on the base mixed in with a 'ruined ancient temple,'  I almost imagine these guys destroying a church on a planet in the middle of a beautiful fall.  There are more than 10 colors on the leaves from green to orange and red then to yellows.  I had a great time painting the leaves and painted each one individually.

This is my interceptor unit, which I have a lot of fun with.  In my list I could probably use the points from this unit to do other things better, but Im in love with this stupid unit.  Once the army is done I plan on going back in and hand painting some laurels on their cloaks.  I also really like how my power weapon technique is coming together.  At first I was against putting backpacks on the because Custodes don't wear them, but for WYSIWYG I put them on later, and Im glad I did cause I think they look pretty good.

Another shot of the Interceptors, here you can see a better level of detail on the power weapons. Also something to note is the custom shoulder pads I converted with GS.  They were based off the command squad champion shoulder pad but I used GS to extend the center point. Im glad how it came out.

Another view, but with more of a focus on the backpack.  I used my power weapon technique on these as well.  The cloaks used the same 'feathering,' style but with reds, it was actually pretty quick to do and if you want a tutorial Ill post some up another day.

So, that is it! What do you think of my Custodes? Ill likely do a group shot once I get my tanks and sisters of silence painted up. 



  1. DAMN nice work man!! Expect to see this on fridays Santa Cruz Honor Roll ;)

  2. Looks very nice! ^^ Do you have some more pics of Malcador? Now I saw a clear view of his back, but I want to know how his front is :P I'm trying to build a Malcador myself with a little honour guard from Collected Visions :D

  3. Glad You guys like them! You can see the front of malcador in the group photos, I'll try to post one up later though

  4. Such a huge Custodes fan. Good work on yours man!


  5. Great Job! How long have you been working on this project?

  6. I have been working on these guys since about Jan. 2012 they are something that I have always wanted to do but never got around to. I think I might expand the army after this 2000 points is done, who knows!


  7. The power weapons look amazing. Great work.

  8. WOW! That is great, the figs are cool to begin with. Add in a killer paint job and some classy bases and its a home run.

    Your power weapons look better than the last ones too. And the back packs look good on the interceps.

    Is the banner guy holding a extra shield to give Draigo if he loses his first one?

  9. "man, dem' s is some classy bases son!" I really like the bases, they aren't all gore and guts but still cool, the leaves in particular make me all sorts of happy. All said, thanks for the compliments.


    1. I agree with the general consensus, the power weapon effect works great. What pattern did you use on the hammers? Your sword tutorial goes part of the way, but did you still use "lining"?

  10. I think they will look great on the table, I would love to play against them and take pictures for battle reports if so!