Tuesday, March 13

Codex Review: Space Wolves' Heavy Support

As we have said before, March is Space Wolves month, and with that we are going over the codex section, by section.  Bring on the heavy support! What army would be complete without the thunder of tanks and destructive hell fire of heavy weapons?

The Space Wolves are no different, but after going back and studying the section i have to think they may even be a bit short in this section. Or is it that I only ever see Long fangs, Long fangs and ...Long fangs!

So what do you think were going to start with?

Long fang love for the win! Starting with the special rules the Fangs have some good advantages compared to the other like Marine units. ATSKNF is a heavy gunners best friend, right next to Acute Senses. I'm looking at you Necrons! Add in counter attack and Fire Control and this unit goes to the top of the list for Devastators.

Interesting notes: This unit can only be 5 or 6 man strong, so if your one of those guys who likes to pad out your Dev's with meat shields your out of luck. Fire Control, one of the best things the Fangs have, doesn't allow for the squad leader to fire. This only matters if, again your one of those guys who likes to take gear like extra ranged weapon on the leader. And that could happen if you were doing some podding in with a relentless buff, but that's a different section of the codex. Last, and I think everyone knows this but, Fangs can have 5 heavy weapons. Sooo nice!!!

Points, this is where the Fangs shine. The best deal is found in the Heavy Bolter at a great cost of 5 points! This is 5 less than the BA's and 10 less than DA's or regular Marines. Next the mighty Missile Launcher/Multi-Melta at 10 points. The missile alone at this cost is 5 less than Marines and 10 less than DA's. Sorry green guys, you need an update. Plasma Cannons are priced well compared to the newer codex's as are Lascannons coming in 5 and 10 points less than the older books.

So, long story short, Fangs are likely to be the best choice of all Devastator choices in any Marine codex. Add to this mix of guys a Razor with some sort of heavy weapon/search light and you can depend on spreading fire over 3 different targets of focusing fire to obliterate a single target for sure.

Add in the fact that they are almost always in cover and are very hard to kill with '1 lucky shot,' and you have a good level of resistance.  The only downside is that they aren't mobile at all and this hurts them especially hard during dawn of war missions.

Next up, the Predator! My second favorite heavy choice in the dex and first if I'm building a mech list. Start off with AV 13 and autocannon for a fair points cost and add in some standard costed heavy bolters or lascannons and you have yourself a nice little killing machine. Of course smoke and searchlight come standard, and if you got the points left over upgrade a hunter killer if you want as this guy will want to stay stationary and shoot.

Whirlwind your up next...And were done.
For real, this is just a copy paste from the standard Marine dex and in my opinion not the best choice here. However, it must be noted that the vengeance missiles could be good for taking out Necron Warriors hiding in the dark, while the incendiary might help kill some Scarabs trying to do the same. If you haven't looked at ordnance barrage weapons in a while take a second look, there my be something you might want to take advantage in this unit.

Moving on to the big gun, the Vindicator. This guy falls into the same category as the whirlwind being a copy from the main Marine dex.

Key things here to remember OK armor, short range high strength gun, never fails dangerous tests. And don't forget after that first weapon destroyed you still have a storm bolter stock and if mobile a battering ram.

On to the all powerful Land Raider!! Woot!!
I'm going to go over all these guys together as they are just different versions of the same thing. Standard Raider first, is your basic version with no real Space Wolf flavor other than a light blue paint job.

The fact that one good shooting attack can mash these guys is the problem that has kept me away from Land Raiders in general. Add to that fact, the reality that even machine spirit cant bring the rate of fire up to a level I am happy with.

The Crusader on the other hand I like a bit more. Improved capacity and weapons load out seems to fit the core rules for vehicles better right now than the standard version. The rate of fire with this guy is much better and the multi-melta can be clutch in a game.

Same goes for the Redeemer with the exception of the strength of the flamestorm cannons being a bit limiting when on the move. But quite rewarding if your able to burn some Kroot in a game. The problem I have is that whenever I get close to using the Flamestorme, my Land Raider is dead.

Well that's about all I can really tell you on this subject. The Wolf dex has a few things here that normal Marines don't get or pay more for, while the vehicles are somewhat standard and lacking a special rule, like the Blood Angles fast rule, that makes them be more wolfy.

If I did take a Land Raider, this looks like the one I want!

Until next time, keep your teeth sharp and your paint jobs ice blue.


At least Wolf players don't howl when they charge like the Orks do!!!


  1. The only way to get an extra body to soak up a shot is to put a basic 18 point Wolf Guard into the unit if you want that extra body for low points.

    Toss on a Terminator armor with a power weapon and Cyclone and the unit gets beefed up slightly. 7 missiles now and a power weapon in the event they are assulted. I don't hold my breath on armor saves with the 2+ as 1's tend to flow freely in games.

    A friend and I have been looking at the classic 5 heavy bolter long fangs for the 15 shots it would dish out and with the changes that may be up in 6th this option may become a very cheap and useful option.

    I just hate I can only take 3!!!!

    1. Your opponents on the other hand, are greatful you can only take three.

  2. It will be great to see what 6th ed does to units like these, or all units for that matter.

    As for Wolf Guard, thats a different post, but yes a good idea none the less.

    I cant wait till my Marines are done so I can play some count as games with Wolves.

    1. In 6th edition Swags looses all his games... The end. hehe