Tuesday, March 20

March of Wolves: Logan Grimnar Analysis

Logan Grimnar, The Great Wolf!  He is one of the most iconic leaders in all of 40k, This was the guy that got me all excited when I used to play Wolves in 2nd edition.  Through the years, the Wolf king has not fallen in popularity.  Lets go over him and see some of his inner workings and give a few suggestions on how to use him.

General Special Rules:
Acute senses, ATSKNF, Counter Attack, Eternal Warrior, IC, Stubborn

Logan Special Rules:
Living Legend - Once per game For the player turn all friendlies in 18" get +1 attack. RAWR!
The High King- Logan and his unit gain (choose one): Fearless, Tank hunters, Relentless, Pref. enemy.
The Great Wolf - Logan makes Wolf Guard counts as Troops

The Axe Morkai - Logan can split his attacks as either power fist or Frost blade (all or any portion)
Terminator armor - 2+ 5++
Belt of Russ - 4++
Wolf tooth Neckalace: Always hits on a 3+ in CC
Wolf tail Talisman: 5+ cancel a psychic power targeting him or his unit.
Saga of Majesty: units within 6" can reroll failed morale tests.
storm bolter!

With a good amount of attacks (6 on charge +1 for "living legend,") Logan can be a solid beat-stick! There isn't much that isn't a little worried when they are in combat with Logan.  That said he is also a very resilient character and even though he only has 3 wounds he is eternal warrior, so if he is in a 'death star,' army he is the guy always jumping in front of lascannons and such... Which makes the Wolf Guard happy!

The really great thing about Logan is that he is a great force multiplier.  Once, in a team tournament,  I saw a friend of mine charge a squad of Long Fangs and Obliterators (Team tournament, remember) Logan did his howl and I sat in disbelief while my friends Blood Angel Assault Squad got its face pummeled in by the Long Fangs.  Later Logan himself joined the fight and it was over.  Logan can take a weak area and bolster it from breaking with his re-roll failed leadership and extra attacks abilities.  In a list that has Logan you may think that he "Goes with XYZ unit," but keep an open mind because he can be very effective supporting other areas besides the one you originally intended, depending on the mission.

Here are some Logan ideas for you to use in your next SW list:

5 Long Fangs W/ Multi Meltas
Drop Pod
Notes: Logan gives the unit Relentless and you easily slag whatever is in front of you, then when you get counter-charged Logan beats everything to snot... That said he will likely die so make it worth it and place the pod smartly.

Wolf Guard Terminators squad with 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers (for extra fun throw in Arjac!)
Notes: Logan gives the squad Tank hunter and now your Long Fangs are essentially walking around with 4 Lascannon shots (at AP3). Not too bad!  Then when your squad gets into combat Logan makes you fearless and howls for a nice amount of attacks coming from the squad.

Lascannon Long Fang Squad and Grey hunter Rhino Line
Notes: This wolves army would be more of the "I shoot you then I counter attack." The rhino line waits until the enemy gets close (Which they will when 5 st10 lascannons are raining down on them) when the enemy gets close the Grey Hunters come out with meltas and rapid fire and then take the charge with Logan howling to surprise the enem in his own assault phase.  Then Logan re-rolls failed morale for units within 6" who fail, then joins the fight himself.

Well, those are some thoughts on Logan, The Wolf King, The Great Wolf, Living Legend (Titles, titles, titles) These aren't the exhaustive list of things you can do with him but hopefully we got your brain turning.

What do you think about Logan? How do you use him? Tales of Greatness?!



  1. Nice article, I was sure to share this with our local SW player.

  2. An interesting article and this would make a great excersize for every special character. I think its easy to look at a character and automatically use him in the most obvious way. By placing him with atypical units and in atypical situations not only helps with your familiarity of your army and how to use him in a pinch but also create more interesting and fun tactical challenges/situations/games for you and your opponent. Thanks for this insight.

  3. I actually had fun writing this article, I'll have to continue it with the rest of the special characters during wolf month.


  4. Duke I would like to blame you and feast personally for ruining the stupidest GW tourney of all time. 'ard boyz RIP

    1. Well, when you're guilty, you're guilty I suppose. hehe