Monday, March 5

March is Space Wolves Month!

Just a quick post that this month we will be doing a focus on Space Wolves this month (that doesn't mean we won't post on other things) expect to see posts on the different Section voices within the codex and even some painting tips on how to paint what is arguably the Best codex in 40k.

What would you like to see this month while we focus on the Wolves?  What codex would you like to see us cover next?



  1. For Wolf related content - I'd like to see some attention of the blood claw variants, since they tend to get ignored by... Everyone.

    Couldn't care less what codex is next as long as it isn't Grey Knights.

  2. We probably won't do GK for a while, no worries there. I was thinking of making April the DE month, we'll see.

  3. I was thinking DE could be fun as well.

    And don't worry, we'll be covering every unit, blood claws won't be left out.

  4. The problem is that Blood Claws are very limited in being a useful unit and are not as efficent as Grey Hunters.

    I do agree some fresh and fluffy lists would be cool to see.

    1. The varients aren't directly competing with Grey Hunters though. Most Wolf reviews seem to pretend Swift Claws & Sky Claws don't even exist.

    2. I played against a guy with Swift Claws with my IG and I pasted them in a single turn. The BS is their big handicap....

      Sky Claws work well but need a Battle Leader or Wolf Priest with them to help them out...also would have been nice to up the size to 15 as well for them. The best use I can find for them is to use a rhino shield wall to protect them and then use them as an assult or counter assult unitb based upon the situation at hand.