Friday, March 16

Are Necrons a Tier one sleeper codex?

As I have said before, my first few games with Necrons have been fairly interesting.  They are an army that doesn't look so good on paper, but in game play they actually work pretty well.

They just simply change the way the game is played with things like: "Night fight in your turn and not mine!" and "That open terrain is actually difficult."

With that said, I wanted to talk about the actual power of Necrons, they have already won some of the smaller GT events but came through strongly on several other events.  My question is that with rumors of the rapid fire rules changing and with preferred enemy now working in shooting is the Necron Codex the next Tier 1 army?

Where do Necrons rank?  Are they (or soon to be) a Tier one army?



  1. Units (some anyways) will be able to assault after Deep Striking, do it will be interesting to see how Necrons will fare against that and what the strong builds in 6e for all the armies will be. Necrons are definitely a 6e codex, so when the 6e rules start coming out we'll see what uses Deathmarks or phased reinforcements with Zahndrekh will do. In the hands of a good player Necrons stand a chance and are definitely competitive. The Monolith might also get a buff because of the heavy vehicle rule as well with its upside being in the 6e rulebook vehicle section. We shall see...

  2. NO, Chandler! They are not! Bad Chandler! BAD. I am going to go get a newspaper and smack you with it!

    Necrons are horrible and even tohugh I disagree with Ben, They have to many issues such as leadership in Assault, Short range of weapons, and Cost point issues to be a top book.

  3. ::splashes water on nick:: the power of the silent king compels you! Hehe.

  4. ::splashes water on nick:: the power of the silent king compels you! Hehe.

  5. From what I see, Crons are proven to be a sleeper dex now.
    As no one thought they would do anything to the top forces in 5th ed.

    The real question is, "Are Necrons a double sleeper dex?" Showing a second level of suprise in 6th.

    Personaly I just cant wait to see 6th come out, im just so ready for something to make all my old forces fresh again.

  6. The day I felt like I could mop the floor with good mech IG players was the day I realized Crons were a top tier book.

  7. I think they could very well be a sleeper for 6th depending on what GW does to the rules.

    I keep looking at these winning lists and trying to figure out how they won. many was min troop choices and the army looks very fragile if you ask me. Maybe the luck of the draw for the matchs, but several games seem to be up against some strong opponents but I also don't know their full lists either.

  8. I also can't wait for 6th, a long as it doesn't do a bunch of stuff to screw with competitive formats and tournaments.

  9. To me it seems like this codex may have actually been playtested pretty significantly, unlike... Well every other codex.

    Also - SW month needs more SW articles. Just sayin'.

  10. Nope

    HQ: You have two choices, neither of which can fight very well, don't bring Force Org changes etc. I2 is a cruel mistress (oh hai 'Warp Rift' and 'Jaws'), and they can't fight anything except Grots in close-combat. One of them is gimmicky and primarily nerfs enemy shooting and mech-heavy forces; the other hands out abilities and helps with Reserves.

    A command-squad type unit that brings cost-effective mobile anti-tank, and it can make Imotekh irrelevant by bringing Solar Flare. They still die to Grots in close-combat, but so do most heavy weapon teams so not bad all things considered. Long Fangs are still the top-tier 'no way they are that cheap' fire support of 40k, but Crypteks come pretty close.


    An overpriced MC who has only one worthwhile ability, and it's not even that good. And Tyranid players bitch about the Carnifex. Srsly. Ironically, despite always getting a save, he's less durable than other such MC's, due to no armour. Because y'know, having an armour save would make him mildly useful as a counter-assault unit. All the same, 'Writhing Worldscape' does screw over both mech and ground armies in objective missions, so it is worth shelling out for.

    An AV13 walker that is as pathetic as a Sentinel in close-combat, but hands out a bonus you can't live without. Dilemma...take two anyway, you need all the melta you can get. And re-rolls to hit for your ENTIRE ARMY is not something you can really pass up. Remember, telsa, telsa everywhere.


    Overpriced transport which doesn't nothing except be a useful firing platform for the Crypteks. The mandatory purchase of Warriors to unlock it is Matt's way of rubbing in how much he hated the Troops slot. 'Oh, so you want boring mass-produced robot soldiers with no special weapons or leaders? Alrighty then'.

    Fast Attack:

    One of the most cost-effective assault units for it's points, not just in this codex, but in the entire game. Wraiths are the new Nob Bikers. Wraithwing has instantly gone from 'hilarious theme list of fail' to 'oh god why won't they die'.

    A swarm unit who rapes vehicles but does little else but tarpit or eat stuff you could beat with Grots (ie Fire Warriors, de-meched Veterans etc). They also die en masse to S6+ and blasts/templates. A good unit, but depending on opponent Wraiths can be better.


    A mildly overpriced (should be Vindicator price really) anti-everything large blast that becomes meh if it has to move. Still, is probably the best way to remove annoying Deathstars that you have.

    A very underpriced (as it must be) gunboat that can sort of threaten transports, but primarily kills infantry. Seeing as you get two for the price of the BFG, most people are going to take 2-3 and call it a day

    Thats really it. Everything else either has terrible internal balance with the rest of the codex (ie same slot, better alternative), or has terrible balance with the rest of 40k (Triarch Praetorians are insanely bad, Lycheguard barely work if you have Veil of Darkness available).

    So nope. Knights, IG, Wolves, BA, and Orks (yes Orks, read tourney results to have your inherited internet wisdom demolished if you don't think so) still have better overall unit selections, and can build credible armies using different units. Necrons have maybe two builds.

    Necrons, Tyranids and DE are all pretty much tier 2 xenos. They don't suck so much that they languish in tier 3 with Sisters, Tau and Eldar (or the dreaded abyssal depths of fail that Chaos Daemons have continued to plunge with each new army release), but Orks push them out as the tier 1 xenos army. You can certainly beat players that use tier 1, but its just not credible to say they're a 'sleeper hit'. Orks are exactly that, and Necrons are functionally worse than Orks in several key areas.

    1. You def can't throw crons in with nids. Them an DE are both way better than nids.
      Judging from your comments I'm guess you have spent alot of time playing with the new crons. I don't see how you can see warriors are overpriced. The ark is a lil pricey, but when you put a squad+ in it they're incredibly effective. The c'tan can also be really effective, expensive yes but he's one of the easiest MCs to get cover for.
      It's true they suck in CC, but they can be Mobil enough that when combined with the fantastic shooting they have, you should be able to dictate combat if you have a squad of wraiths.
      If you have actually played a good amount with them maybe you were just doing it wrong, but it certainly seems like your reviews are based on reading about them.

    2. You made some valid points in your counter argument, then lost any form of credibility you had by claiming that Dark Eldar were tier2 xenos.

  11. We have played the Necrons a few times, our view:
    Gimmicky as hell, they rely heavily on synchronisity, NEVER forget any rules and how they work together or you are likely to be toasted
    Special Characters are almost mandatory, as are Crypteks, again its necessary to know their rules.
    Relying on monobuilds will kill you, scarab farms are very vulnerable( how many s6+ weapons do YOU have in your army?)and the stormlord is more of a light-breezelord unless you completely build an army around his special rules and even then...nightfight is hard to use
    the C´Tan are useful but dead if unsupported
    Warriors are your shield, immortals are your club and wraiths are the nasty poisoned spikes on your armor
    Monoliths still rock but are very slow, so plan ahead
    Also Necrons are mobile as hell and can be used very agressively. In cc its good if the necrons "choose" which of their units gets attacked by moving to block or charging first or the like as they need their gimmicks to survive(would you for example charge a unit with your dread when you get w6 s8 hits before combat started?)
    All in all We think its a pretty powerful but fair codex and its also highly likely that 6th will make it a bit better (one of us has read the "leak", looks credible, which would mean new DS rules among other stuff)
    If you know your rules, have a basic strategy worked out and dont roll ones all the time, you can wipe the floor with most armies but expect heavy losses with some troop types (a bit like a cross between Eldar and Orks)

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