Friday, March 30

Skyrim 40k FTW!!! discussion

Earlier today BoLS released this news article LINK.  Long story short, THQ (makers of the "Dark Millennium," MMO) announced that they will not be making the game into an MMO, but instead will be making it a "...Premium single player experience..." I got thinking to myself about what does an MMO look like that isn't an MMO but is a "premium single player experience."  Then it hit me... 40K SKYRIM!

Now, this is all 'reality according to Duke,' but seriously; HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!?!

I can see it now, you're an acolyte working for an inquisitor and you have to dungeon hack/ kill space marines/ stop a daemonic invasion.  Heck, you could keep it all on one immersive planet instead of the Mass Effect version where planets are little more than one map.  (Though a Mass effect 40k would be SICK too).

Well, that is all I have today.  How awesome would Skyrim 40k/ Mass Effect 40k be?  Im not talking skins and mods, Im talking the real thing! Discuss.



  1. I was envisioning more of a 40k borderlands.

  2. Here is my thing... Anything along those lines of skyrim/borderlands/ fall out, etc. would be so sick!

    But you shouldn't play as a space marine

  3. I was a Space Marine just like you until I took a bolter shoot in the knee?

  4. Personally I was really excited about the MMO version, but at the same time not going to buy it simply because I don't have the time for MMO's these days... If they add in Co-op, I'd quite happily sell my soul for this. If it's single player only, I'll pay using dollars but certainly still pick up a copy.

  5. THQ: lets try and capture the sci-fi MMO market.
    *The Old Republic Launches*
    THQ: In other news MMO is being scrapped for a single player game.

    I doubt this dark millenium game will be a very impressive game to be honest. The reality is that this isn't Bioware or Bethesda doing this game, its just THQ. I'll keep my hopes low and hope this game pleasantly surprises me.