Wednesday, March 28

Chaos Display Board

All this talk about Chaos Marines getting a new dex has quite a few people starting to get ready to take some skulls.

Today I have a recent commission job I did creating a Chaos display for a friend in the 40K Wrecking Crew.

Here we see a close up of one of the Chaos cross's that were cut from foam core.

They were painted with glue first then a simple yet effective rattle can job.

The snow is my favorite cheep thing, baking powder.

I do a 50/50 water and Elmer's glue mix, then add the powder to get the right consistency.

I even took the extra step and added some felt stick on feet. They help to give the display a taller look and make it easy to pick up with the army on it.

The art for the wrap is a black and white version of the team artwork from back in the day. At first I thought it should be in the original black and yellow, but after seeing it done I agree it looks better like this.

All that was left to do now was add the 40WC badge and ship it out.

This display should hold up for the next codex and 2 or 3 more.


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  1. Looks nice! I can't wait, I am going to be crazy busy when the Chaos and Dark Angel book hits. I have almost a full company of Dark Angels plus some, more Legions of Chaos than you can shake a power fist at and this is on the heels of working on Wolves and just got some bitz that has been holding up my IG for a long time...