Thursday, February 16

Building a Necromunda Gang For No Money

I am not a rich man. Miniature wargames, on the other hand, we are a rich man's hobby. Even something as small as a Necromunda gang can put a dent in one's budget. When it was announced at my FLGS that a Necromunda campaign was going to be started up, I decided I was going to find my way in. While I may not have much in the way of resources, I am resourceful. Using this, I've managed to put together a small gang. Here's how I did it.

The first thing I did was look at what I have; namely, some 'nids, some Grey Knights, and a small stack of random Eldar bits. After this, rather than picking my favorite gang, I picked the one I thought would be most easy to build. After finding some rules for a Genestealer Cult published in Citadel Journal and noticing that a purestrain was a hefty 280 creds, I knew that was my option.

That meant that I had 720 creds worth of gang to scrounge up. The first step was to see if anybody had any spare human bits lying around and offer small trades for them. Through this I acquired some random leftovers from a Cadian sprue and a decent pile of Empire bits, as well as a pair or two of Tau legs.

Once all of this was home, I came up with a gang roster. The purestrain ended up being accompanied by a Magus, a Hybrid, and four brood brothers. Equipment would be shuffled depending on what I had bits for. Here's what I came up with:

The Purestrain "Bitey" - 280 Creds
Just a Space Hulk 'stealer with the tech stuff cut off to fit in with my 40k army.

The Magos "Voldemort" - 139 Creds
Shotgun, manstopper rounds, extra knife
The legs are from an Eldar warlock that was lying around and sawed in half to make a jetlock, the body is an old Eldar jetbiker whose body was replaced with a modern guardian's, the shotgun a random Empite bit, and the arms are from the Empire hellblaster kit. Shaving off the runes and spirit stones was easy, but carving out the head from the jetbiker's body took a while.

The Hybrid "Finli O'Tego" - 140 Creds
2 extra arms, claws (+1S), two extra knives, sword, hand flamer
Empire free company head, Eldar jetbiker body, Tau legs (Yeah hooves!), hormagaunt scy-tals, cut down Imperial flamer, Cadian arm, empire arm.

Brood Brother "Mr. Bojangles" - 180 Creds
Heavy stubber
Free company head, free company body, free company legs, Cadian arms, front half of gun is an Empire repeater
At least I have one of them fully painted... right?

Brood Brother "Old Man River" - 100 Creds
Shotgun, manstopper rounds, massive club
Empire hammer, Empire head, Cadian legs, jetbiker body, Empire shotgun, Empire left arm, Cadian belt.
The little Eldar's cinched waist looked pretty goofy on the beefy Cadian legs, so the Eldar's belt was cut off and inherited the bottom .5mm of a Cadian torso.

Brood Brother "Oozin' Steve" - 85 Creds
Laspistol, sword
Cadian laspistol, Empire sword, jetbiker body, Empire legs, Empire head

Brood Brother "Bobert the Doomsayer" - 90 Creds
Lasgun, extra knife
Cadian body, Cadian arms/lasgun, Empire head, Tau legs, Eldar feet.
The legs look wonky, but it's all I had left. I decided Bobert needed them because he's the least stable of the bunch.

Just in case you're wondering, I figured that a new genestealer cult would probably abduct crazies and hobos to be the first brood brothers, so that's the theme I've been going for. If there's interest I'll post a follow up on how the $0 and 1,000 cred gang has been performing once they're all painted.


  1. Very cool, I built lots of stuff for Necromunda and my Inquisitor stuff from my bitz box.

    May want to consider pulling some extra stuff together after you play your first few games to add more gangers.

    1. There are some leftover bits. In my last game Bobert got the "Specialist" skill though. As soon as I have the creds Bobert 's head will probably end up on a new body with a cooler gun and a new brood brother will inherit the one with the wonky legs.

  2. This brings back all the right memories!

  3. Don't you guys think that Necromunda would make a fantastic first person shooter?

  4. It would be a great game. Personally, I think something like Jagged Alliance where you would build, manage your own gang against other gangs would be better.

    I really miss being able to play Necromunda, so hard to get a group together in this area. We talked about it a few times, made one outing into Mordheim and that was it.

  5. Mordehim is fun as well, until someone brings out Dark Elves and kicks everyones teeth in. I had a good little band of witch hunters and a starting out Dark Elves army ransacked me, it was horrible.