Friday, February 3

For the Fun of it! Part 2

Bring on the fun!

Time to take another break from reality and rest your right brain.

Not much here just continuing my search for miscellaneous nonproductive funny things 40K related.

Even after this I will still play my Word Bearers!

I knew the Commisquig existed, now to find Big Foot.

What happened to the Segway? And after watching Back to the Future again I am reminded to ask, where is my damn hover board McFly???

I have no idea what your talking about lady, but keep it up. I like where this is going...

Yes I know not much here, but I'm so sick of talking about the 6Th ed leak this is a welcome break.

Remember that even though we all love tournaments and rolling dice that this is still about having fun!



  1. Gaming Table and Segway are the the best!

  2. Re: the lead image.

    Wow, even your miniatures are nerds.

  3. Got to love nerdy figs! And proselytizing word bearers... Do we get a brochure?