Friday, February 17

Excommunicate Traitoris: Introducing Infinity

In this new feature we will risk being declared Excommunicate Traitoris by not only examining, put playing and even purchasing miniature wargames from companies other than Games Workshop. Now let us pray to the dark Spanish gods of Corvus Belli and look into Infinity.

A few months ago I ran across some pictures of the Caledonian miniatures for Infinity and was immediately interested. Being a Scotsman (got married in my kilt and all) I knew I needed a few wee kilted laddies with guns in my collection. A luck would have it, during a game of 40k at my FLGS a conversation about non GW games erupted and I brought up Infinity. As it turns out he was in the process of getting some people together for a demo game.

The contents of the Caledonian starter box.

In short, Infinity is a sci-fi skirmish game set in the not terribly grim darkness of the near future. What's most amazing to GW's customers is that Corvus Belli makes the same claim about being a miniature producing company first and foremost... so the rules are available in PDF format from the website. Also, the most common advice given to new players is "buy the models you think are cool. They're all useful in the game."

Haqqislam Soldiers

Yup, this is a balanced, tactically sophisticated, wargame where $200 can get you two large forces. A tournament sized game is around 300 points and my newly traded for Caledonian Highlander Starter Army weighs in at 131 points. This retails for around $40 in stores and as low as $28 on eBay. It's a new game you can get into without spending an arm and three legs.

If you're interested in the game check out and take a peek at the seven factions.

Stay tuned for more Infinity articles. Rules discussions, tactical analysis, faction reviews, and battle reports are all in the works... but next up is an article on painting tartan.


  1. Welcome to Infinity! A lot of the people I play with are 40K converts. Mini's are cool and the rules allow for a more balanced game.

    The army builder and rules wiki are also free!

  2. I love this game. Thanks to Feast of Blades for offering demos.
    Although, my wife keeps saying I'm OBSESSED...

  3. The game looks interesting and I have been watching it to see if it flops or flies. So far, it seems to be moving forward. I heard several people in the company are former GW people.

    The website is nice and impressive, the models are very nice. I just started to get into Legends of the Old West, Legends of the High Seas, Gladiator and Strange Aeons....once things calm within a year, I may consider picking this game up and get two factions. I see a few factions I like....

    If I knew someone in Tampa that ran a demo I may would make an apperance to try it....

    1. Which factions prick your interest? For Me it's the Caledonian and Merovingian sects of Ariadna and the Combined Army that gets me all hot and bothered. I LOVE the Anathematic model.

    2. I like the Asian one and the mix of French/Highland/Russian one....the models are interesting....

      Been talking to a friend about it and he said he knows some guys that play and apparently the game is live and die by the movement phase.

      The one thing that is sorta a turnoff to the game is the japanese anime style they went with....some of it is just a bit much. going to keep an eye on the game, I am already in deep with a few games and already lack serious time to finish what I have.

  4. Someone at my local shop asked if I would be interested in a Necromunda league. My response was: Have you played Infinity? His response was that he didn't like the anime look of the minis.

    I think the system is one of the best I've ever played for a skirmish game. Hopefully, I can gain some converts. If not, Necromunda here I come.

  5. Hey, check out my last post, I build myself a Necromunda league for $0. I think the combat rules for Infinity are more solid but I do love the aspect of gaining experience and rare items and such in Necromunda. I'd do both. :)

  6. Is it just me or are those some of the best painted figs ever.

    That first one is SICK!

    1. This guy does almost all the studio Infinity models:

      The site is in Spanish, but the pictures speak for themselves.

  7. The Ariadna SAS model is awesome looking, though I don't like some of the other models in the faction.