Monday, February 6

List of the week: Eldar 2000 pts

Hey hey hey! It's Monday (after the super bowl) so time to drag your still-drunk self out of bed and get to work.  To help make the day of Advil and coffee go a little better here is a list for you to ponder today!

This list came from Feast of Blades 2011 Invitational:

6 Warlocks
- 2 Embolden and singing spear
- 3 Destructor
- 1 Enhance and singing spear
- Wave Serpent
  - Scatter lasers, SH cannon, Spirit stones, Vectored engines

10 dire avengers
- bladestorm
- defend
- Shimmershield
- Power weapon
- Wave serpent
  - Star cannons, spirit stones, vectored engines

10 dire avengers
- Same

6 fire dragons
- Exarch with fire pike, tank hunter, crack shot
- Wave Serpent
  - Bright lances, spirit stones, vectored engines

6 fire dragons
- Same

Total: 1996

My .02: Eldar have a really difficult time with their current codex, it is getting harder and harder to build a truly solid list for Eldar that is a gimmick "last turn contest," list.  That said I think this list has a good core of an idea, I just feel that too many points were spent on upgrades and such.  For example, the shimmer shield on the DA exarch is nice, but if they are in close combat things went really wrong.  All in all I like what the player is trying to do with the list, but the codex isn't helping him out.  Perhaps getting more efficient will help some, but it isn't going to make that much of a difference in this current meta.  The tactics of this list are pretty obvious as well, Dragons shoot the hard targets and hopefully blade storm picks up what is left over. Im not sure I like the bright lances on the fire dragons simply because you want to get in close and most people won't want to miss out on shooting that bright lance.  A cheap scatter laser might fit this unit better...  If this is your list feel free to post up your idea of how the list works for you.

What do you all think? What would you change? How would you play against this list? How would you play with it?


P.S. why isn't the day after the Super Bowl a Holiday!!!???


  1. You're right. If he dropped some upgrades he could afford a prism to help back all of that up. I'd rather see the council on jetbikes too. Eldrad is awesome, but for the points of him, Yriel, and the serpent he could easily run two farseers with some warlocks on jetbikes... and that's frickin' nasty.

    What he really needs is more troops though. I'd cut a squad of fire dragons to that end.

    1. Fire dragon exarchs are a total waste of time. If six dragons don't kill it, it's probably a piece of impassable terrain.

  2. I saw a team similar to this do rather well against tau and ultramarines army. It had a draw with a orcs team and then totally got annihilated by Sisters of battle and a Exorcist tank onslaught. Personally I couldn't understand the tactics involved in a army like this but I'm not familiar with the Eldar in general.

  3. @crimson turkey: too true about the fire dragons! If they aren't enough your screwed anyhow.