Friday, February 10

For the Fun of it! Hello Kitty Edition!!!

OK, whats the deal with Kitty?

It seems that cute has a hold on the grim dark future...How can that be?

Truly a strange phenom that happens in the world and by default the world of 40K, combining a style/icon or the like into said hobby. In this case we see the cute as ever Hello Kitty sinking her claws into our favorite past time.
Serious, I would be worried if I looked out the window and saw pink tanks with cartoon kitty's rolling up in my hood.

What can you say, Kitty's got...GUNS!

The guy with the banner is secure with his sexuality, every space marine should be so lucky.

I just love this pic, reminds me of my niece. Her first 22 was pink/purple and she bagged and cleaned her first buck at 12 years old. That's not a shot at your manhood, but you do play with more toys than she does.

STOP...make it stop...please.

Just like a cat, never listens to a word you say. Just goes and gets the biggest gun they can find and sets out to rule the world.

This is what the new Necron Dex did to every Monolith on the planet. I have two and when I took them out of the box after I got the new dex they looked exactly like this...sad now.

OK Kitty you win this round but don't drop your guard cuz I'm not done yet.

Time to get a dog! Abig dog...with guns and a rocket pack.

Im off to the pound, later.



  1. Gotta love it when someone mixes a concept with 40k. I have seen:

    Star Wars Imperial Guard and Space Marines done as the Empire.

    GI Joe and Cobra armies for Imperial Guard

    Dixie Army: Confederate

    to name a few...

  2. Oh man that reminds me of a Kroot Tau army with the Kroot taking over the devil fish. It was like a ork take over, all looted and such. And one D-fish was in the general lee paint with 2 kroot as the duke boys.
    I might have some pics somewhere...was cool tho.