Tuesday, February 7

Conversions: Epidemius-Bringing the Tally Man to Life

Who doesn't love Nurgle?

Its easy to say, for me at least, that Nurgle is one of the most fun things in 40k to build/paint.

Probably the easiest thing to convert and paint as well. That said, I thought I would treat you to my version of Epidemius.

First off, I think the GW model is...well boring and uninspired.

Second, you should know that I use Fantasy Ghouls for my Plaguebeares and as I consider Eppi-D to be "one of the boys" so to speak. I did use a regular Ghoul for the actual "dude".

But this isn't really about that as you will see. I love the idea of the tally man riding into combat on a wave of nasty-Nurgle-nastiness! And GW almost got it right... no they didn't. What am I saying? If they did I wouldn't be here doing this article.

So before I get off track lets just get to it then!

The first and hardest thing to find was the right "thing" to use for the Palanquin thing he rides.

I searched and searched for quiet some time before being forced to go to the beach one day and there it was! Don't ask me what it is because I don't know, but its some kind of tube coral that gets washed up.

Anyway, this is the piece I settled on with the added parts I wanted to show the motion I was going for.

As you can see, I added Ghoul heads and arms. Along with various banners, chains and a defiler guard for a surf board!

Time to hang 10 little dude!

When it was time I washed and primed him up with my usual automotive sandable primer.

Then it was on to layers of red ink and dry brushing of yellows.

As you can see when the paint started to go on the whole thing starts to pull together.

By this point your asking yourself "whats up with the red? Doesn't this guy know Nurgle is green!" Well yes I do, but here's the thing. When I started my Daemons I decided to do a single unified color pallet that would connect the entire army. And I had some Khorne models done already so, red was going to be my base.

Here we see that I did pay tribute to the great green God by bringing in some green tones.

And then to finish him off!
I like the motion that the model captures.

Side profile really shows the flow of a rolling pile of nasty.

Well that's about it time to put him up in a box and wait for 6th ed to show up and see if hes worth playing again.

Thanks for checking him out.



  1. I've never really had the chaos itch but that piece of coral is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.

  2. Thanks.
    Gulf coast wash up FTW!

  3. A very sweet looking model. I just hope that was coral and not something else that washed up...then petrified or something...in any case it is very fitting and cool.

  4. Lol, it would almost be more appropriate if it wasn't coral.

  5. Nice Swags! I've always been a fan of Chaos..but never liked Nurgle much. I think that you have captured the roiling tide of nastiness that I always envisioned that palanquin being. Nice job of using something that was literally laying around.

  6. I would like to take this time to thank BP for killing the ocean life that washed up & gave me a cool looking "thing" for this model. Your contribution to my hobby makes the millions of wasted gallons of oil and millions of dead animals worht it.

  7. But Swags! All that oil lost could have made minis! Are you MAD?

  8. We'll all be printing minis out of resin in a few years anyway.

  9. Im not the biggest fan of the actual tallyman model that you used, but the floating palanquin of coral is pretty awesome.

  10. Really like the palanquin, however I do think Epidemius is lacking some way to keep a tally on your conversion? Otherwise, well done, the red as a base in particular works really well as a contrast to the green you put over it.

  11. I guess he is a bit lacking in relation to the rest of the model but im ok with it when the entire force comes out.
    He fits right in as a regular "Joe" type guy who has made it to the top.

    A man of the people if you will. Someone your average blue collar nurgling can look up to and say "See mom thats gonna be me some day".

    HA! justifing my lazyness is fun. =)

  12. As for the green...I was quite nervous when I started with it. But it did work out...Lucky for me!!

  13. Ummm, swags I have an issue with your comment! Nurglings don't have collars and even if they did, they would be green! The fact that you would even stoop to suggest such a thing hurts my fluff gland (which is part of the olfactory system). I am so offended, grrrr /nerdrage Im quitting the hobby.



  14. Getting someone to quit the game is a valid tactic. I win!
    Har Har Har!