Monday, February 13

Spikey Bits Giveaway: The Standings

The Spikey Bits giveaway is underway and going well. Just to recap, every time a person leaves a non-idiotic comment on a post published in February, said person receives one entry into a random drawing for a $20 Spikey Bits gift certificate.

The Standings are currently as follows:
Styx - 8
Inquisitor Blake -1
Iaipunk - 1
BdaGamer - 1
Scrap Square - 1
Gigawatts - 1
Tylermenz - 1
Miniature Wargame Conversions - 1
DimmyK - 1
sonsoftaurus - 1
docbungle - 1
Fuzzbuket - 1
Deathrexx - 1

Looks like Styx is in the lead. Hit up the discussion area to increase your chances or, if you're Styx, solidify your lead.

This post and contest is sponsored by Spikey Bits.


  1. On one hand, everyone is completely blown out of the water by styx...on the other hand, having only 1 point makes you pretty much the same as everyone else.

  2. The month is only half way over and there are still many posts to come... The $20 is still up for grabs.