Monday, February 6

Giveaway! The First Monthly Duke's Inferno & Spikey Bits giveaway

That's right, at the end of February, we'll be giving away a shiny new $20 Spikey Bits gift certificate. Rob Baer of Spikey Bitz was generous enough to donate this to us for our giveaway.

Each sane, rational, non-idiotic comment you leave on a post that goes live this month will get you a single entry to win the prize. Posting something inane like "f1rst" or "yeah" will get you disqualified. In addition, please follow us with your google account so we can track you down and give you your winnings.

Check back on the first of March to see if you're the winner.

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  1. who doesn't like free stuff for voicing your comments?

  2. Abandon all shame, ye who comment here.

  3. Free stuff you say? Comment you say? Not sure I can do that.....hang on ;)

  4. 'non idiotic comment'

    well thats me kicked out then :P

  5. @ Fuzzbucket... I think I just added you in twice.