Monday, February 13

Necron "Rapid Deployment" List of the Week.

We all know Necrons can be super speedy in the standard movement phases. But one thing I never see people talk about is the speed necrons can move on to the table.

So if you don't know yet, I'm a bit of a concept list fan. And this is no exception, what it does bring with it is some interesting tactics and game play that can range from fun to down right nasty in the right situation.
The idea is build a force that can be deceivingly small, under powered and vacant from the field, then turn into a strong long range, focus fire alpha shooting strike force.

First lets list it then theory hammer it up a bit.

HQ Imotekh (what list doesn't start there?)
HQ OverLord (Or Court opener as I like to call him)
Court 1
  Harbinger of Destruction (HoD's) x 5
  One with a solar pulse
Court 2
  HoD x 5
  One with solar pulse

C'Tan with Grand Illusion
and Entropic touch / Lord of fire (Due to point cost)

Warriors x 9
Warriors x 9
Warriors x 5

Fast Attack:
Heavy Destroyers x 3
Heavy Destroyers x 3

Heavy Support:

So what we're doing here is to set up a "water" list that will react, or flow with what the enemy is doing by manipulating night fight and creating a first and second turn shooting attack that has the chance to do the damage needed to ride out the game.

As with all things in general, there's a trick, so lets just get it out first and rip it apart later.

Monolith = 1st turn reserves!!!

I know what your thinking so take this time to go get your codex and look it 47 if that helps...

"At the start of the movement phase, choose one friendly non-vehicle Necron unit on the battlefield or in reserve. That unit immediately phases out from it's current position and 'disembarks' from the monoliths portal..."

As you just read, it pulls units from the table or in reserve in the movement phase. You know what movement phase I'm going to use it on? Yea...the first one, that's the ticket!

So standard deployment starts with 2 monoliths and the C'Tan, your opponent deploys, then the tricks come in. Using the C'Tan to pull in D3 units, on average 2 so lets say the 2 destroyers. Then in turn 1 each Monolith brings in the 2 courts. At this point the Crons have a field full of shooting that can focus and destroy at range. Its guaranteed to be night that the Crons can see through in turn one, likely to last for turn 2 and could go to turn 4 or 5.

By the time you roll for reserves in turn 2, then pull any failed units through the Monolith in the movement phase, if you want your entire force might be on the board.

After that the Destroyers have good speed/shooting, Courts are getting their speed from Monolith portals and have strong shooting and not to forget the Mono's have 8/3 ordnance and blocking power.

While using the C'Tan as a counter attacker and attaching the hq's where they fit best, in the 5 man Warrior unit to bring up their numbers and wounds.

So that's about it, could it win a major...probably not.

Could it be fun...sure.

Does it show even more flexibility of the codex...indeed!

And if you made it this far you will now be treated to some crazy Necron conversions, enjoy!


  1. It is an interesting list, a few thoughts and comments:

    1) Why 10 HOD's in the court? Even with the FAQ, only 1 from each court can join a unit (for a total of 2). As it stands you have 3 troop units and nothing else that would benefit joining them. At best you would need 3/3 unless your going to make mini fire teams which is a waste IMO as they are easy kills.

    2) Weak in troops, you have 3 units, I assume this is 1850 or 2k list. Personally my ratio is 1 per 500, so when you hit that mark you should have about 4 or at least 3 units of Immortals instead. With your concept the weapon options would be better in the long run.

    3) List is weak in all games. If you end up with Dawn of War, makes Grand Illusion not that useful, except to tamper with your opponents units. Objectives could be an issue, take a loss of one or two units and you will have very slim chances for a win. The list has no moblity to really get to the enemy lines to capture their objective as well.

    4) C'tan is too expensive, take GI and one other cheaper power.

    5) The list puts alot of pressure on the Monoliths, some good shots into the Monolith could see both blown apart or a smoking wreck first turn and force you to walk on....weaking the fluidity of the list.

  2. This sure is a fun list... and gimmicky to boot. I think you're right though, swags, it isn't going to win you a Major but it will be fun and does show the flexibility of the codex.

    Im assuming the HOD are using staffs of light?

  3. Duke, try 10 str 8 ap 2 36" aslt shots, they are destructors.

    Styx, (1) Hods are staying together and can always get 33% chance to stand back up. Also using night to give cover or even hide using the mono. (2)Yep, thems the breaks. (3)Not so at all. DOW is great, remimber free night sight, 42" on the Hods and Heavy D's can reach the other end of the board. Stormy can sieze on a 4+! (4) this is the cheep CTan! HA! (5) if you can get to the Monos in turn 1 with the amount of shooting or asults needed to take down av14 on turn one then you deserve it. Remember 4+ sieze, night, heavy fire at threats to the Mono.

    Im just saying, you know I love to debate you! :)
    Its what makes us better players in the long run.

  4. Where did you get the pic of that doomsday akr? I got to have a better pic so I can build it.