Monday, February 27

List of the Week: A Necrons @ 2000 pts

This weekend my wife was out of town on a "girls weekend," as such I decided to pour over the Necron codex until I found a list that I was comfortable in playing.

Up until now I have had a somewhat frustrating time creating a Necron list that I felt comfortable with.  Later this week I have an article coming up on why I have felt this way.  For now, let's jump right in.

- Command Barge
- War Scythe

Mr. Zahndrekh (Joins warrior unit 1)

Royal Court 1:
- Transmogrification (Joins Immortal unit 1)
  - Harp of Dissonance (LOVE THIS THING!)
  - Tremorstave

- Destruction (Joins Warrior unit 2)
  - Solar pulse
  - Eldritch lance 

Royal Court 2: 
- Transmogrification (Joins Immortal unit 2)
  - Harp of Dissonance 
  - Termorstave
  - Siesmic crucible

- Destruction (Joins Warrior unit 3)
  - Solar pulse
  - Eldritch lance 

Triarch Stalker
Triarch Stalker

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

Warriors 1:
 - 8 Warriors

Warriors 2:
 - 9 warriors
 - Ghost Ark

Warriors 3:
 - 9 warriors
 - Ghost Ark

Immortals 1:
 - 10 immortals
 - Tesla Carbines

Immortals 2:
 - 10 immortals
 - Tesla Carbines

TOTAL: 1996


Mr. Z is actually pretty awesome on paper.  Originally I had him in a command barge, but I later thought that he shouldn't be that close to enemy lines (And I needed the points for others stuff).  He is a key to the 1-2-3 punch combination of the shooting in this list which is:

1. Harps of dissonance attached to the immortals shoot at a Land Raider/ other heavy vehicle and lower the armor.  If they are in range one Stalker shoots first at the Tank... just in case. Now your land raider is av 12
2. Mr. Z. gives an annihilation barge "Tank Hunter," making them effectively st 8
3. 4 st 8 shots pour into the raider, hopefully immobilizing/ destroying it.

I know this isn't a "HOLY CRAP!" combo, but the thing is that your opponent won't see it coming at all, they will be afraid of the Trairch stalkers, but with this little trick the stalkers aren't even a part of it... unless you want to make sure your harps hit.  I almost like this trick more with Heavy destroyers, but for now the annihilation barge will work (at half the cost of the heavy destroyers).

Mr Z. also chills out in the small squad of warriors, they are essentially body shields for him and will likely sit in cover on an objective, between his resurrection orb and the two Ghost arks you will have to outright wipe out the squad in one turn to get rid of them.

I don't really like the necron warriors on the ghost ark, but Ill play it out before I make final judgement.  I just am beside myself that a unit that can reach 20 models has a transport that can only hold 10... I almost want to take a night scythe for them but it has no quantum shielding, and they are way too fragile and slow to not have a transport especially an AV 11 one that puts them into reserve when it dies... So we will see how it works. 

The immortals are my 'fire base,' and will hopefully keep things from hanging out in my deployment zone for long.

Obviously I will use the solar pulses to keep it night fight in those first few opponent turns and hope they can't do much damage. 

I don't really have an answer for the Deathstars out there except to hope they roll bad on armor and to tremor stave them and block them with empty ghost arks... I suppose I could have moved things around for a Doomsday ark, but I just don't like the no moving and shooting the big gun thing.

All in all I tried to really embrace the "elite shooting," thing.  I think I have done this to a good extent, now it's time to play the list and see how much 'fail sauce,' I left in.

What do you all think? Is this a decent Necron list or did I sprinkle a little too much "WTF," in there?



  1. This list lacks any real anti-tank firepower. The Harps are unlikely to cause significant armor reduction on anything and even if they do, the Tesla Destructors you mentioned will be at -1 to damage the raider, IF they even Penetrate. With only 4 weapons greater than strength 8 this list is going to get run over by anything in a transport. Why are you not taking advantage of having dual royal courts and adding 2 Crypteks to each of you units? Sure it would probably cost you a squad of immortals, but it could add as many as 4 S8 weapons with decent range!

  2. I would have to agree with Wafflemaster, the lack of anti-tank is rough on this list. You have some stuff that can handle armor but not much. It is good that you have duality in there and most stuff also appears to be well thought out. I personally dislike the Harp and find it not of much use for the points.

    The list isn't bad and would be worth some test game.

  3. I agree that there is a lack of good ranged anti tank. but...

    - I don't believe in scarab spam
    - The whole codex sucks from an anti tank perspective with the exception of Heavy Destroyers (180 points vs 90 for the barge) and Triarch stalkers.
    - The harps are amazing! All you have to do is hit, and remember it is still S 6. Not bad. Then MR Z. give tank hunter to a barge and the game changes, I don't have to lower the AV a ton to be effective, I only need a high number of shots.
    - If the rumors about preferred enemy are true I will be putting in Destroyers.
    - I did add crypteks to my units.

    More thoughts please, thanks.

    1. Yeah... Sure All you have to do is hit, then roll the 50/50 shot for Entropic Strike... Totaling to a grand chance of... 1/3 chance for each Harp to drop a SINGLE point of armor off its target a turn (4/9 if you already fired a Stalker at the target). All the while wasting the firepower of the rest of the squad of immortals because either A) The unit is running Tesla and should NEVER fire at a tank, or B) The unit is running Gauss and you probably had to move, thus likely being out of range, or their weapons don't give a damn about the AV of their target because they are Gauss.