Thursday, February 23

The Joy of Small Games: The Grey Knight Conundrum

I've written about small games and my small Tyranid army before on Duke's Inferno. I've also promised to discuss my Grey Knights. I started with the silver marines when the Grey Knight Terminators caught my eye after their release during 3rd edition. While most of my old knights were cruelly taken from me, some remain, and have been recently bolstered by a Land Raider purchased for a pittance on eBay due to the title "Lnd Rader for Warhamer." Here's what I have done and what I shall do.


  • Terminator, Paladin, or Character with storm bolter and halberd
  • 2 Terminators or Paladins with halberds
  • 1 Terminator or Paladin with sword
  • 1 Terminator or Paladin with incinerator and sword
  • 2 Power armored squads with halberds and one psycannon
  • Land Raider Godhammer
  • Dreadnought with choice of weaponry
The task is to come up with a decent list at either 1,000 or 1,250 points. What has been tried thus far is the following at 1,000 points.

Librarian - Halberd, Might of Titan, The Shrouding, Sanctuary

4 Paladins - 1 Master Crafted Sword, 1 Master Crafted Halberd, Sword, halberd
Vindicare Assasin - Shamefully proxied by a Termagant
Venerable Dreadnought - 2 Twin-Linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammunition

Troops - 
5 Man Strike Squad - 4 Halberds and a Psycannon
5 Man Strike Squad - 4 Halberds and a Psycannon

The Land Raider can be added in to help the Paladins get where they're going, add some long range firepower, and bring the list up to 1,250 points.

The problem is that this list sucks. 

Eventually I plan to ban all power armored knights from my forces, but the requires the expenditure of my favorite dollars, and I'm just not in the position to do that.

What do you, the readers of this illustrious blog, think the best combination of these fine soldiers is? What would you add (remember to save $)?



  1. it seems like a good base. You can't go wrong with any of the boxes that GK provide...

  2. I had a bash at this and I think your best bet with the lack of transport for the halberd guys is to deep strike them. For this psychic communion and servo skulls are good and easy to do in HQ. The HQ in both lists rides in the LR with the purifiers. Everything else can DS in and the double hammerhand with the purifiers should help with light vehicles.

    109 Inquisitor w/ Power Armour, Power Weapon, Rad Grenades, Psyk Grenades, 2x Servo Skulls and Psychic Communion

    156 6 x Purifiers w/Halberds

    205 5 Terminators w/Incinerator

    130 5 x Strike Squad w/4 Halberds and Psycannon

    265 LR w/Multi-Melta

    135 Dread w/2x TL-AC

    Inquisitor with a power sword should be really easy to find, any guy in power armour will do!

    1251 points:

    220 Grand Master w/Incinerator, Rad Grenades, Psyk Grenades, 2x Servo Skulls

    156 6 x Purifiers w/Halberds

    125 5 x Srike Squads w/Halberds

    130 5 x Srike Squads w/4x Halberds, Psycannon

    265 LR w/Multi-Melta

    135 Dread w/2x TL-AC

  3. Thanks Eadipus. I think I'm going to try out your list on Monday. I might have a Necromunda ganger that will work as an Inquisitor.

  4. At this point level regular terminators might do better for you and you can throw in Justicar Thawn. In small games he could some tail and keep running around causing problems.

    And Coteaz might be the best 100 points you can spend for his special rules even if you dont use henchmen. Remember hes not in power armor, so he fits your non-power armor idea.

  5. I agree, regular terminators can be of a better benefit in the long run as they are scoring and cheaper so you could slip some extras into the list as Swags said.